It may be a long time since you created your first social media account, or you may still remember the excitement of launching your personal details into the World Wide Web in the hope of making new contacts. There is nothing quite like the excitement of your first friend or follower; the excited tingle as you register to follow your favorite celebrity. Social media was first invented to aid communication between friends; to help you connect with the people you know on the other side of the world. However, it has developed into so much more.

The downside of this is that it is exceptionally easy to become obsessed by social media. You will feel a constant tug to check what others are doing, to add a post of your own or to scan the internet; looking for things to say about your favorite celebrity. However, this level of commitment to social media means that you will not have time to spend with the physical people in your life; particularly your partner. No matter how understanding they are, there will come a point when they have had enough and leave you to your relationship with social media.

Fortunately, you can act now and maintain a good relationship whilst keeping up to date with your social media connections; just follow a few simple guidelines:

Set Times

The starting point to controlling your social media use is to assess how much you are using it and decide on what is a reasonable level of usage. You don’t need to be on your social media all evening. An hour at the start of the evening, maybe ten minutes before bed and a series of checks whilst you are out together in the day. This will be enough to keep you up to date with all the news and still leave you free to enjoy the time with your partner. If you set times then don’t look at the social media sites in between!

Night Off

You should also choose a night, or even an afternoon when you will not look at social media at all. This is akin to doing a date night. The time for that evening should be dedicated to you and your partner. This will assist you in building and improving your relationship as well as providing healthy away time from your social media profile; you do not wish to be too dependent on social media.

It is advisable to do something together during this time; this will help to cement the bond between you. Do not just substitute the television for social media!

Watch Your Posts

When you are in a relationship with someone you must consider what you post, before you post it. It is advisable never to post things which are directly related to your relationship; whether good or bad. People do not need to know you have just kissed or shared a bath. Keep your intimate details private and you will develop a stronger and closer relationship. In effect you will be demonstrating mutual respect for each other.

In addition you should never post something that you would not feel comfortable saying face to face to someone; just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that you won’t meet them one day.

Online Interactions are not Physical

Overusing social media can lead to a build-up of ‘friends’. These are people that you have never met but are interested in chatting. Often you will find yourself chatting with members of the opposite sex; your partner will have the same issue. It is important to remember that you are unlikely to ever see these people physically; you should not be jealous or over protective of who your partner is talking to.

Equally, you should be aware of what you may consider inappropriate if your partner was doing it and stick to the same boundary. An even better solution would be to talk with your partner about it first to confirm your comfort zone.

Finish It

Finally, if you find that social media is having a detrimental effect on your relationship then it is best to close your social media accounts. Is it really worth losing the partner you love for some online contacts? If there is no other solution then close the accounts and stay in contact with your friends the old fashioned way; via text message or even a phone call!